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Creating Maps using Visio

  • create a Visio network diagram as usual
  • insert status or status connector stencil from the BigSister shapes
  • in their custom property BigSister enter the name of a group (e.g. SERVERS) or a status item (e.g. srv1.conn)
  • draw a rectangle around the whole diagram - it is ok if it is transparent
  • name the diagram examplemap
  • export the diagram as PNG under the name example.png
  • save the diagram as VDX file
  • copy the two files to the BigSister configuration directory on the server (usually /etc/bigsister)
  • run bsvisio example.VDX > example.cfg
  • add %image example.cfg to your bs-display.cfg

Visio Shapes

The BigSister Visio stencils can be downloaded from Do not expect too much, the file merely contains the two status stencils. You will still need some nice stencils for the devices you want to appear in your map.

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